International, China, United States of America

28 – 28 November, 2023

Webinar: East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilization

Tuesday, 28 November at 5pm PT – 8pm ET /
Wednesday, 29 November at 9am Beijing – 10am Seoul

Many people around the world, including civil society, scientists, youth, and policymakers are concerned about the future of our common home and the choices we must make today to ensure that we change our course and stop contributing to our current planetary crises. To do this, all decision-makers, including governments, the private sector, and individuals must come together to achieve our global goals for sustainability, justice and peace, guided by common values. Through this intercultural dialogue, we will explore what it means to work towards an ecological civilization and what we can learn from the knowledge we have and what we have accomplished so far.  

In this webinar we will continue the conversation, started in our 2020 webinar series on Ecological Civilization, with the following questions:  

  1. What is an Ecological Civilization? 
  1. What are the possible paths and driving forces to get there? 
  1. What are some good examples paving the way towards this vision? 


Chen Xia
Institute of Philosophy
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (P.R. China)

David Korten
Living Economies Forum
YES! Magazine/The Club of Rome (USA)

Andrew Schwartz
Institute of Ecological Civilization
Center for Process Studies (USA)

Sukhyun Park
Kyung Hee Cyber University (South Korea)

Amanda Bennett and Sifan Jiang, Earth Charter International

Xia Chen

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Xia Chen is Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, Director of Editorial Department for the Journal of Philosophical Trends and Chinese Philosophical Almanac at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing. She is an executive committee member of the International Council of Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH),Co-Chair of Scientific Panel, UNESCO Silk Roads Youth Research Grant. She has been visiting scholar at Harvard, Fulbright Scholar at Brown University, SOAS, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Science Po Bordeaux.

Her specialty is Chinese Philosophy and Religions, concentrating on Daoism. She is the author of 道教身体观-一种生态学的视角(daojiao shenti guan: yizhong shengtaixue de shijiao) Body in Daoism: An Ecological Perspective (2019),道家哲学引论(daojia zhexue yunlun)Introduction of Philosophy of Daoism (2017),道教劝善书研究(daojiao quanshan shu yanjiu) Studies of Daoist Moral Tracts (1999), the co-chief editor and contributor of宗教学原理(zongjiao xue yuanli) Principles in the Study of Religions (2003) and chief editor for道教生态思想研究(daojiao shengtai sixiang yanjiu) Studies of Daoist Ecological Thoughts (2010). She is one of the translators for 中国哲学典籍大全(zhongguo zhexue dianji daquan)Comprehensive Summary Collection of the Classics of Chinese Philosophy(2018),中国传统哲学纲要(zhongguo chuantong zhexue gangyao)An Outline of Traditional Chinese Philosophy (2015), 道教与生态(daojiao yu shengtai)Daoism and Ecology (2008), 人类的宗教(renlei de zongjiao) Man’s Religions (2005), 马丁·路德的神学思想(mading lude de shenxue sixiang)Martin Luther’s Theological Thoughts (2002), 道教与中国传统文化(daojiao yu zhongguo chuantong wenhua)Daoism and Traditional Chinese Culture (1996). She has contributed hundreds of articles to number of journals both in Chinese and English.

David C. Korten

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David C. Korten is founder and president of the Living Economies Forum, co-founder and board chair emeritus of YES! Magazine and a full member of the Club of Rome. He is an American author, former professor of the Harvard Business School, political activist, prominent critic of corporate globalization, and “by training and inclination a student of psychology and behavioral systems”. He is the author of “When Corporations Rule the World” and “The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community” among many other publications.

Sukhyun Park

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Sukhyun Park is an activist-researcher with a rich background in environmental advocacy and research in both the United States and South Korea. Her diverse experience spans both civil society movements, such as the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement, and research institutions. Currently, she leads the Sustainable Systems Research Institute, focusing on sustainability, sustainable urban governance, social-ecological systems, and ecosystem services. Sukhyun’s expertise, cultivated through academic pursuits in environmental science and natural resource management, has led her to instruct courses on environmental policy, governance, and sustainable development at various universities, including Kyung Hee University. In addition, she serves as an adjunct professor at Kyung Hee Cyber University. Her commitment to environmental causes extends to her involvement with organizations such as ECO-CIV Korea and IUCN Korea as well as the committees of local governments related to climate change and sustainability. Sukhyun Park is dedicated to advancing a sustainable future through her unwavering efforts in both research and activism.

Dr. Wm. Andrew Schwartz

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Dr. Wm. Andrew Schwartz is scholar, organizer, and social entrepreneur. He is Executive Director of the Center for Process Studies and Assistant Professor of Process Studies & Comparative Theology with Claremont School of Theology, as well as Co-Founder and Vice President of the Institute for Ecological Civilization. His current work includes comparative religious philosophy, as well as the role of big ideas in bringing about systems change for the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet.