3 – 3 November, 2022

Webinar: “Planetary crisis: The real situation and our hope”

The European Earth Charter Network presents the webinar: “Planetary crisis – The real situation and our hope”
Talk & Exchange,

November 3rd, 2022, 7:00 – 9:15 PM CET
Led by Grian Cutanda, of The Avalon Project, Spain
Moderators: Alide Roerink, Worldconnectors, The Netherlands, and Tonia Moya, Green Cross Sweden

We are a network of European Earth Charter organizations, working together since 2020 in a shared vision to bring forth a sustainable planetary future and to empower a resilient society.

Join us in this webinar on November 3rd, for an evening of visionary exchange on the significant issues facing humanity: “Planetary crisis – The real situation and our hope.”

Neither governments nor markets are taking the catastrophic impacts of climate change, and the risk of mass extinction of species seriously – enough. This is according to research from the University of Cambridge, and information leaks from scientists within the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (in 2021).

In this webinar we will share reliable information provided by the scientific community itself, which is one of many indicators that we are in the midst on the real planetary crisis. This is happening, while the corporate media sleeps or downplays the seriousness of this colossal threat to life on Earth, as we know it. A recent study by WWF shows that in the last 50 years almost 70 % of the world’s wildlife has disappeared.

We will also talk about “eco-anxiety”. This sense of despair is being fueled by our human global crisis, and where this feeling of hopelessness for the future is worldwide, and especially amongst young people.

However, together we can open a door to the power we have within us, and together as humanity, to bring forth change. The cure for our despair is empowerment. It is an awakening to who we are, where we are at, and a personal commitment to what we can do – where a sustainable planetary future starts with ACTION.

Join us for this online event of radical hope – which we hope will inspire you!