12 – 12 October, 2021

Webinar – Turning the Story Upside Down: Towards COP 26

Christopher Columbus Day used to celebrate European exploration and conquest, but that narrative has changed over the past 20 to 30 years. We can change other predominant stories that give us a misperception of what is essential in life and on how we ought to live in on planet earth – our common home.

Through The Earth Stories Collection storytellers across the world are upturning the old tales of dominance and conquest. Instead, they are linking indigenous and traditional stories with environmental and social activism. The power of stories can show humanity’s fundamental and shared values. Together we can generate a new narrative.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival (15th to 31st October) leads up to COP 26, the most critical Climate Change meeting ever held, in Glasgow from 1st November. Each weekday afternoon SISF will host an online Global Storytelling Lab, in partnership with The Earth Charter International and The Earth Stories Collection, featuring narratives of transformation and hope from across the globe.


Tuesday, 12th October at

  • 3.00pm UK Time = 8:00am Costa Rica Time (GMT-6) (English Language)
  • 4.00pm UK Time = 9:00am Costa Rica Time (GMT-6) (Spanish Language)