Exhibition “Seeds of Hope and Action – Transforming the SDGs into Reality” launched in Brazil

The exhibition “Seeds of Hope and Action – Transforming the SDGs into Reality” (physical version in Portuguese) opened on June 6th as part of the Conference on Climate Emergency and Climate Justice; event organized by the Judiciary Power of São Paulo in conjunction with the Soka Amazônia Institute and held at the Ruy Barbosa Forum of the Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region, in São Paulo. 

The event was attended by Mr. Akira Sato of the Soka Institute, Paula Sauer Dichl, the head of the Socio-environmental Management section of the TRT-11, Ms. Cristina Moreno, Earth Charter International Advisor, and Brazilian scientist, Carlos Nobre, who offered the keynote speech. 

Mrs. Paula Sauer emphasized that “sustainability permeates all aspects of our lives, has its social, economic and environmental dimensions, and it is very important that we address this issue in an event that focuses on the role of the Judiciary in addressing issues related to the Climate Emergency”. 

The CEO of Instituto Soka Amazônia, Akira Sato, spoke about the goal of building more bridges of collaboration and trust through partnerships between different sectors of society. He mentioned that “The Soka Amazônia Institute’s mission is to contribute to the protection of the ecological integrity of the Amazon (…) In the act of planting a tree or enjoying this exhibition, we create an environmental awareness, in which the change of a single person contributes to the transformation society of the present and the future.” 

Ms. Cristina Moreno brought the Earth Charter to the event, she highlighted that “it is the result of a participatory construction…. it is a Charter from the peoples of the Earth to the peoples of the Earth… it is an invitation to practice a universal ethics… which emphasizes a sense of universal responsibility, solidarity and understanding of all life.”

Dr. Carlos A. Nobre, in his keynote address, talked about “Climate Change and Land Uses in Amazonia. The risk of reaching a tipping point”. He stressed the importance to first understand the current situation, then to search for sustainable solutions with a climate justice approach and in that context highlighted the case of the Amazon as one of our major climate emergencies humanity faces and the risk we run with this (See his presentation from minute 45 of the recording – link below).

The digital version of the exhibition, launched in March 2021, can be accessed at: https://sementesdaesperancaeacao.com.br/

The exhibition is a joint project between the SGI, Earth Charter International and the Soka Institute of Amazon, and will be on display at the venue until June 23. (open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm TRT2 Ruy Barbosa Forum — Ground Floor Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 235 – Barra Funda, São Paulo, SP)