Fifth e-GLO 2 session

The fifth e-GLO 2 session, Planning for Sustainable Action Projects inspired by the Earth Charter, was held on Saturday Nov 14th, 2009.

The minutes of the session can be reviewed here.

e-GLO participant Atabek Anarbaev’s report on the fifth session:

‘As we move forward together, we continue our growth in ourselves and the program.’

The 5th e-GLO session was about Planning for Sustainable Action Projects inspired by the Earth Charter. This session was unique and in its own way and very informative in how to write a convincing proposal. In this session our special guest Professor Juergen Carls from the UN mandated University for Peace provided us with important information regarding strategic planning, project management, and fundraising for Sustainable Development. He has excellent qualifications and delivered two excellent presentations.

We learned about how to identify and plan a project based on a logical framework. We received considerable information about using a planning matrix to identify goals, problems and solutions. We used an interactive model of a planning matrix that provided us with items that gave us precise information about project: overall goal, project purpose, results, outputs, activities and others. While Professor Juergen Carls was completing planning matrix, I thought that it looked like a mosaic. We had to find the needed missing parts to complete our “mosaic picture” and after harvesting the appropriate information a clear vision of our project emerged.

Also, it was very useful to learn about writing a proposal. We examined this question in detail and we got to know about different types of projects, the differences between programs and projects, project’s risks and returns, nuances about how to persuade our potential donors, how to prepare well-elaborated budgets for proposals and how to use important keywords. The extensive knowledge we obtained gives us a head start to write a strong Concept Paper.

e-GLO continues to make a big contribution in fulfilling our leadership potential. We are moving towards our individual and collective goals with new tools and concentrating on the activities and learning we have gained through each session. As a group we are looking forward to bringing positive results all over the world through building this sustainable community called e-GLO.”

Atabek Anarbaev

Who is he? Atabek Anarbaev,21, is from Osh, Kyrgyz Republic. He obtained BS?? in agriculture in 2009 and currently enrolled as a master’s degree student. He wants to be a change agent.
What is he doing? Building and bringing positive impact on civil society in Kyrgyzstan, by coordinating social projects.
If he would have ‘superpowers’… he would instantly heal any injury or illness just by touch, including emotional hurt….
A favorite quote: “Impossible is nothing.”

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