Fifth e-GLO 3 session

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Report on Session 5:


Tuesday, November 9th, 3pm GMT

“I feel very lucky to have got to know e-GLO and the Earth Charter! It’s been an eye-opening experience for me, so far! I love how collaborative and helpful everyone is. I wish however there was more feedback on my performance, so I could improve even more. I feel very “warm” on this platform, and very much welcomed, which is a great environment for creativity and progress as well ‘development’.”

e-GLO 3 participant’s comment
through the online feedback form

The session consisted of the following components:

  • Introduction to the Feather Project
  • Presentation on Imitation
  • Homework Review And Discussions
  • Dr. Peter Blaze Corcoran & team, Florida Gulf Coast University

Minutes of the fifth session.
Participant’s perspective


e-GLO participant is paired up with Earth Charter youth network activist to go through the following matters:

  • Getting to know each other, what has brought them to the Earth Charter Initiative
  • How do they engage in sustainability on a day to day basis
  • e-GLO 3 participant will give 2-3 minutes ‘elevator pitch’ for her/his Earth Charter inspired Action Project idea and the partner will comment on that

This communication will be reported on the e-GLO’s Facebook page.