Fourth e-GLO 3 session

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Report on Session 4:

Learning from Successful Projects

Tuesday,October 26th , 3pm GMT

“Inspiring session! Thank YOU all a lot!”

e-GLO 3 participant’s comment
through the online feedback form

The session consisted of the following components:

Minutes of the third session.
Participant’s perspective


Look for one inspiring Earth Charter story from some of these resources. Make a thoughtful Facebook post on our `wall` describing the story.

Your post should be 200-500 words. Include what specifically interests you about the story, what learnings you can take from this story that will inspire or enhance your EC inspired action project.

Please include the link and a picture from the research story or provide one of your own.

Complete any outstanding homework.

Good Practices using the Earth Charter
Educational Experiences with the Earth Charter
Earth Charter youth activities in the Youth Blog
Country activities