Gabriela Barbosa Batista’s Earth Charter Youth Story in Brazil!

Meet Gabriela Barbosa Batista, undersecretary of education and socio-environmental mobilization of the Secretary of Environment of the Federal District Brasília, Brazil. Gabriela was introduced to the Earth Charter in 2002 during the Second World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the presence of Marina Silva and Leonardo Boff. From this moment on, she has organized groups of young people from the NGO Alternativa Terrazul to work with sustainability projects based on the Earth Charter.

Gabriela also organized a national youth seminar with the Earth Charter at the People’s Summit at Rio + 20 that involved 3,000 young people with the presence of Mirian Vilela, Severn Susuki, Marina Silva, Vandana Shiva and Leonardo Boff.

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