Global Gathering of Storytellers in Edinburgh and the Earth Charter

Global Gathering of StoryTellers in EdinburgOn 25 – 27 October, a special Global Gathering of Storytellers took place in Edinburgh, as part of the 70th Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2017.

The event “If not now, when?” offered a space for participants to consider “what the role storytellers have in the twenty-first century and how can they contribute to the Earth Charter”.

The Festival celebrates live oral storytelling, past, present and future. This was an outstanding event full of sharing and cross-cultural learning, which among other things had the intention to foster a network of activist’s storytellers.

Mirian Vilela, ECI Executive Director, took part in this event to present the Earth Charter and invite participants to join the Earth Charter movement and link the core message articulated in the Earth Charter to the stories they share.

She emphasized the iMirian Vilela Presentacionmportance to create a new world narrative of life in our shared planet and the important role of stories to help us shift our mind-set.

Grian A. Cutanda, from Avalon Project and Granada University, presented a summary of his doctoral research on Traditional StoryTelling and the Earth Charter.

IMG_0968Cutanda continues to work in a project to collect traditional stories from diverse cultures that can be linked to the Earth Charter principles and is inviting storytellers from around the world to engage with it.

More information on his research can be found in this link:

At this occasion, the Global Gathering of storytellers fully embraced the Earth Charter and expressed their willingness to contribute to the process of linking the Earth Charter to their work and practice of live storytelling.In a specific way, storytellers will collaborate in identifying and collecting traditional stories that speak to each of the Earth Charter principle.

In addition, the Gathering wished to take the first steps towards forming an international network of storytellers committed to the Earth Charter. The Scottish International Storytelling Festival, as host of the Global Gathering, agreed to assist with the first steps in this initiative, in consultation with the Earth Charter Secretariat.

The event was convened by Donald Smith, Director, Scottish International Storytelling Festival and Scottish Storytelling Center. Click here for an article IMG_0942from Mr. Smith that gives some context to the holding of this Global Gathering.


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