“Graphics for Nature” and the Earth Charter in Curitiba

The “Graphics for Nature” project, inspired by the Earth Charter, has been coordinated by the Xama Asociation, an NGO founded in 1995 by Jürgen Kobel, naturalist, photographer and coordinator of an EC network in Curitiba, Brazil and creator of a local EarthCharter-Alliance to further promote Earth Charter activities in the area. 

The author of the project is Carlos Codespoti with Jürgen Kobel and Marcos Van Ray as invited photographers.  The photos are used for education in schools, to engage children to re-learn to see. They also approach children in the parks to help them discover small things, draw them and discern the natural from the artificial.

In the words of the author: “Graphic for Nature presents God as a sensate artist and a champion in forms, colors and textures. The photographic discourse showing the delicacy of the environment in which we live in harmony and diversity of forms in pure poetry to our senses. Something very strong and at the same time very fragile. The idea of the project is to focus on the importance of preserving life on our planet today with solid information and a record of the fauna and flora in an art form.”

Please click here to see their work and here to watch a video on their day to day activities but don’t forget to turn off the background music first.

The soundtrack of the site belongs to one of the composers of the Symphony for the Earth, a group that is developing music based on the Earth Charter and is also organized by Xama Foundation.