Gratitude to Mikko, Earth Charter Intern

We are happy to have Mikko Erpestad interning full-time with Earth Charter International, here in Costa Rica for 5 months. His work is highly valued and will support youth activities tremendously.

Mikko’s bio:

My name is Mikko Erpestad; I am Finnish-American dual citizen studying in the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland for a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication. Growing up in a multicultural family and experiencing international travel from an early age instilled in me a deep curiosity in learning about different cultures. Because of this interest I studied a lot about different cultures and countries and through those studies I learned much about problems that affect all of us. These problems are among those addressed by the Earth Charter.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree, my interest in other cultures and my conviction about the importance of aid work led me to join the Peace Corps in 2002. As a Peace Corps volunteer, I taught English for two years in a small, rural village in Kyrgyzstan and had a number of secondary projects that dealt with youth, education and the environment. The experience of living for two years in an impoverished, developing country was an extremely important experience for me, and it motivated me to continue learning about and participating in developmental work and sustainability. I started studying intercultural communication with the aim of going into developmental or humanitarian aid work after graduating. I believe that this opportunity at the Earth Charter will give me valuable practical experience in working in an international organization with an important mission.