I International "Earth Charter and Education" Gathering to be held in Granada

The I International Gathering “Earth Charter and Education” will be held in Granada, Spain on November 12-14, 2010.  The event will be held in the Education Sciences Faculty, La Cartuja University Campus of the Granada University in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter launch.  The event is being organized by the Education Sciences Faculty of the University of Granada and Fundación Valores, Affiliate of Earth Charter International.

The specific objectives of the meeting are as follows:

  • Learn about the educational uses of the Earth Charter in programs, innovation projects, diverse experiences and publications in different educational levels.
  • Have workshops on the Earth Charter values
  • Meet and exchange opinions, experiences, promote joint projects and all kind of actions that will anable the creation of a felxible and open network of people working in collaboration.
  • Create a virtual space throught Internet, as an external expresion of the network, structured with different segments, that will be used to include experiences reports, projects, practices, publication, courses, news, exchanges, trips, etc., that will allow us to work as a big group with a sole vision: the Earth Charter values and principles.

They will count with the participation of Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director General of UNESCO during the Earth Charter elaboration and drafting process, President of Fundación Cultura de Paz (A Culture of Peace Foundation) and Earth Charter Commissioner for Spain.

The meeting is addressed to professionals on education at all levels; especially those that are working with the Earth Charter in education of would like to do so.

More detailed information and the tentative agenda in Spanish here. 
For more information please contact: [email protected] ; [email protected]