“Impulses for a better world” conference series continue in Spain.

Since 2012, Values Foundation, ECI Affiliate in Spain, has been organizing a series of conferences called “Impulses for a better world” in different Spanish cities. These conferences connect the Earth Charter principles and overall message with different topics related to sustainability. Three conferences have been successfully organized and one was just held in March (see more details). 

In this article, we want to highlight the report of the conference that took place in Sevilla in November 2012. On this occasion, Values Foundation joined forces with Grupo Aión, and the topic was “The Earth Charter, the Way to the Heart”.

The conference had two sessions, the first one focused on the Earth Charter and how it could be used  to foster social changes, how its principles can form the ideal ethical framework for a new society. This part was conducted by Jose Luis Pérez Álvarez (Values Foundation and Grupo Aión).

The second part dealt with the topic “Live from the Heart – as a response to the integral development of human beings.” A methodology to help bring new ways to think about, communicate, and relate with others was presented with the objective of giving the heart back its important role as a driving force in human evolution, with the brain following the heart’s indications.

The next “Impulse” will take place in Cuenca on October 19th, 2013.

Before this, the VII Congress “Projects and Utopias for a better world will take place in Vitoria-Gasteiz, on April 13th and 14th, 2013. This is another event that Values Foundation has been organizing.