"Impulses for a better world" with the Earth Charter in Spain

The meeting IMPULSOS PARA UN MUNDO MEJOR (impulses for a better world) took place on June 2, 2012 at Villamalea (Albacete), Spain organized by Tierra Esmeralda and Fundación Valores, an Earth Charter Affiliate in Spain.  The purpose of this event was to bring the people from the Spanish provinces closer to the Earth Charter and the vision of personal responsibility towards sustainability, as well as to share ideas, values, and theories. The idea is to have concrete projects and actions emerge and to foster individuals with an active and participative attitude in their lives and towards specific events that occur around them. For more information in Spanish read the report of the event.

The event included the participation of Pedro Gómez Mora, Professor of Secondary Education in Business Administration, the Inspector of Education and an Associate Tutor for the Associated Center of UNED in Albacete in the area of Financial Economics and Accounting, with his presentation “Adjectives for a crisis”, and Antonio Tomás Cortés Rodríguez, with his presentation “Expanding consciousness: From the environmental to the vital – How to live a more respectful life with natural resources.” Antonio is a lawyer but he is professionally involved with the Government of Extremadura, collaborating with Fundación Valores and the UNESCO Center in Extremadura, among others.