In memory of Gerben van Straaten

6 May 2021

To the family of our friend Gerben van Straaten

We heard with sorrow about the passing of Gerben.

On behalf of the Earth Charter International Council and team, we send our condolences and sincere sentiments to the family of our friend, Gerben van Straaten

As we mourn this huge loss, we also want to celebrate his life with gratitude. He was a very special human being. A dedicated soul who made a significant impact on the lives of many people in different regions of the world.

We are deeply grateful for his passion and for the support he has given to the mission of the Earth Charter International. We are grateful for the smile, strength, and good energy he brought everywhere he went. We specially want to thank Gerben for bringing the Earth Charter to the world of urban sustainability and for making it meaningful to cities.

May his soul rest in peace. May his footsteps remain and the seeds he planted flourish.

Mirian Vilela
Executive Director
Earth Charter International