Independent Film Showcases the Youth Efforts of Earth Charter Indiana

By: Lorna Battista 

Independent Film 3A new short film, “Little Warriors,” illustrates the passionate actions of the youth members of Earth Charter Indiana. Directed by documentary filmmaker Sam Mirpoorian, “Little Warriors” will be premiering in August at the Indy Film Festival in Indianapolis and the Global Impact Film Festival in Washington, D.C.

It tells the story of the efforts of the kids in Earth Charter Indiana to push Indiana, a traditionally conservative and Republican state, to pass climate change resolutions. Under the Independent Film 1leadership of Jim Poyser, the founder and director of the group, the kids involved have been speakers at public events and testified at governmental hearings about the necessity of passing resolutions to move forward on climate change action.

Sam Mirpoorian wanted to make a climate change film, approached from a unique and small-scale angle. Earth Charter Indiana and Jim Poyser provided that angle, delivering a story that does center on climate change but also on the efforts of Poyser as an educator and mentor, and on the dedication of the youth involved.

EC IndianaMirpoorian hopes that the reach of “Little Warriors” will grow, perhaps enough for it to be seen by the conservative Governor of Indiana, Republican Eric Holcomb. The film demonstrates the strength that youth voices can have, on any topic; getting kids passionate and involved on important global issues is extremely valuable for both them and the movements that they stand behind.


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