Journey of the Universe: A new Film by Earth Charter Council Member Mary Evelyn Tucker

The new film Journey of the Universe tells the story of the evolution of the universe and, in so doing, offers the viewer a perspective of the human experience that allows us to understand our interconnections with all life. The film has been greatly influenced by the Earth Charter and it reflects many of the Earth Charter’s ethics on universal responsibility, ecological integrity, and respect, reverence, and care. The film’s producer writes:

“This integration of the principles of the Earth Charter with the cosmological story of Journey of the Universe provides a unique synergy for rethinking a sustainable future. Such a synergy can contribute to the broadened understanding of sustainability as including economic, ecological, social, and spiritual well-being. This broadened understanding may be a basis for long-term policies, programs, and practices for a planetary future that is not only ethically sustainable, but also sustaining for human energies. Presently, we face a crisis of hope that we can make a transition to a viable future for the Earth community. The capacity of the Journey of the Universe to provide inspiration for the flourishing of the community of life is significant. The potential of the Earth Charter to create an ethical framework for sustainable plans and practices is considerable. Together they may provide a comprehensive grounding for creating a common and shared future.”

The producer of Journey of the Universe has generously decided to offer a percentage of all sales profits to Earth Charter International.

Find out more about this film on the official Web site.