“Journey of the Universe” Educational Series was recently launched

On March 24 – 26, Earth Charter International Council member, Mary Evelyn Tucker, together with Brian Swimme  launched a new HD film, companion book, and Educational DVD Series entitled “Journey of the Universe” at a conference at Yale University. 

Reflecting on the view that one implication of the universe story is the need for a new global ethic, the conference included presentations on the Earth Charter and related topics by Steven Rockefeller, Brendan Mackey and Rick Clugston.  Forty scientists, environmentalists, philosophers and theologians attended the three-day event.  The film and book will be available June 24th this year.

Click here if you want to read Mr. Steven Rockefeller’s presentation on “Earth Charter Ethics and Finding Meaning in an Evolving Universe”.

For more information see:  www.journeyoftheuniverse.org