Launch of Earth Charter documentary and World Environment Day celebrations

As part of World Environment Day events, Earth Charter International officially released its new short documentary “The Earth Charter in La Reforma”.

On Tuesday June 4th at 1:30PM and again at 6:45PM, “The Earth Charter in La Reforma” screened at the 3rd edition of the CRiterio Ambiental Film Festival in Costa Rica. The short documentary shows how two teachers in Costa Rica’s largest prison used the Earth Charter in their prison classes to teach peace, environmental conservation, and human development with positive results. The film highlights ongoing educational efforts to introduce the Earth Charter in all kinds of environments to promote ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, non-violence and peace. In the case of the La Reforma educational program, documented in the film, the use of the Earth Charter as a social rehabilitation tool was shown for the first time. The use of the Earth Charter in a prison to promote a culture of peace opens up exciting new avenues of exploration for uses of the Earth Charter.

The documentary will be available soon for public viewing.