Launch of new book on Intergenerational Learning

Peter Blaze Corcoran’s and Brandon P. Hollingshead’s edited book “Intergenerational Learning and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Futures” (ISBN 978-90-8686-252-8) was launched at the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan, from 10 – 12 November 2014.

The publication from Wageningen Academic Publications features a collection of scholarly articles on the theoretical frameworks and practical applications of intergenerational and transformative learning models developed over the last decade.

Earth Charter International’s director Mirian Vilela co-authored a chapter, with Marcello Hernandez, titled “Youth leadership and the Earth Charter: intergenerational cooperation and learning”. The chapter highlights some of the lessons learnt from past Earth Charter youth leaders engaging in knowledge exchange across generations.

Several other authors refer to the Earth Charter as a strong ethical guideline for advancing intergenerational learning and transformative leadership.

 “Higher education for strong sustainability” by Rick Clugston and Wynn Calder underlines the need for institutions to employ a holistic understanding of sustainability, as outlined in the Earth Charter.

ECI’s former Youth Coordinator Dominic Stucker, together with Grace Mwaura and Frits Hesselink, introduces the Buddy Experiment, linking Earth Charter Council members to youth around the world, in order to foster guidance and inspiration.

In “Cultivating mentorship: Student Associates for a Greener Environment”, Maria F. Loffredo Roca and Andrew Stansell name Earth Charter principle 4, “Secure Earth’s bounty and beauty for present and future generations” as the foundation of the Student Associates for a Greener Environment programme.

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Table of contents:

  1. “We must start with our own children”: reflectively researching intergenerational leadership for social justice, education and sustainability, Heila Lotz-Sisitka
  2. From locust to honest bee: towards leadership philosophies for sustainability, John Fien
  3. The future of learning for the future: Beyond the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainabile Development, Alexander Leicht
  4. Transformative Learning and leadership for a sustainable future: Challenge Lab at Chalmers University of Technology, John Holmberg
  5. Wicked leadership education: On student-led higher education and sustainability education, Sanna Barrineau and David O. Kronlid
  6. Higher education for stronger sustainability, Rick Clugston and Wynn Calder
  7. ‘EYE for sustainability’: A learning tool for change agents, Valentina C. Tassone and Arjen E.J. Wals
  8. Contradiction or complement: Can higher education be deeper education?, Stephen Sterling
  9. An intergenerational perspective towards increasing young people’s contribution to agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, Philip M. Osano and Rahma I. Adam
  10. Keeping culture and country strong: participatory methodologies to support intergenerational learning in Aboriginal Australia, Kirsten Maclean
  11. The institutional dimension of sustainability: Policy response for enhanced practice at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Omar Osman, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Kanayathu Koshy and Marlinah Muslim
  12. Empathethic apprentice: pedagogical developments in aesthetic education of the social learning practitioner in South Africa, Dylan McGarry
  13. Leaderhship for global responsibility: values and key competencies for a profound shirt towards sustainabuility, Benjamin Kafak, Davod Seghezzi, Brigitta Villaronga, Christine Blome and Klaus Althoff
  14. Participatory mapping for intergenerational learning and resilience in Ethiopia, Million Belay Ali
  15. Child-centers sustainablabe development: Intergenerational learning approaches in Mexico’s central highlands, Sylvia van Dijk Kocherhaler and Jaime Hoogsteger
  16. Developing a relational perspective on intergenerational learning, Ingrid Schudel
  17. Connecting worlds: A Dutch intergenerational think tank initiative in action, Abraham Pieter Vingerling and Erik Thijs Wedershoven
  18. Leadership for biodiversity in South Africa: transformation and capacity development in the GreenMatter programme, Eureta Rosenberg and Sibusiso T. Manzini
  19. The Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies: experiental learning for intergenerational transformation, Wanjira Mathai
  20. Reflecting on climate change education in the Pacific Center for Environment and Sustainable Development, Elisabeth Hollande, Sarika Chand, Keith Morrison, Andra Whiteside, Fetalai Gagaeolo, Matthew Kensen, Judith Beverly Giblin and Kilateli Epu Falenga
  21. Sustainable leadership and environmental education at the Centre for Environmental Education, South China Normal University, Eric Po keung Tsang
  22. Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability: case studies from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Dominic Stucker, Grace Mwaura, and Frits Hesselink
  23. Intercultural learning for sustainability: at the ‘nexus’ of the environment, communications and socioculture in Fiji, Yuichi Asai and Osamu Abe
  24. Cultivating intergenerational mentorship: Student Associates for a Greener Environment, Maria F. Loffredo Roca and Andrew Stansell
  25. Sustainability assessment methodology: measuring Universiti Sains Malaysia’s transformation to a sustainability-led university, Suzyrman Sibly, Asyirah Abdul Rahim, Fera Fizani Ahmed Fizri, Normaliza Abdul Manaf and Mahfuzah Othman
  26. The Global University Partnership on Environment and Sustainability: promoting intergenerational learning, Mahesh Pradhan and Brian M. Waswala
  27. Youth leadership and the Earth Charter: intergenerational cooperation and learning, Mirian Vilela and Marcello Hernández-Blanco
  28. Towards a sustainability-oriented university: Tongji practice, Jiang Wu, Daijan Zhu, Hongwei Tan, Fengting Li, Ping Fang Shuqin Chen and Hua Chen
  29. Global and regional networks to promote education for sutainable development in TVET: an Asia-Pacific perspective, Rupert Maclean and Margarita Pavlova
  30. Leadership through service: advancing social justice through intergenerational learning at Florida Gulf Coast University A., James Wohlpart, Madina Behori, Jessica Drummond, David Green, Faith Hawk, Brandon P. Hollingshead, Brandon W. Kliewer, Lauren Morimanno, Jameson Moschella, Eric C. Otto, Mario Roche, Jessica Sauer and Sasha Linsin Wohlpart

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