Learning International Institute in Peru is working with the Earth Charter

IIACOS – Learning International Learning Institute  for Social Cohesion in Lima, Peru, an organization concerned with the condition of our planet, the present challenges and crisis that we face, and the possible consequences of not acting, has decided to work with the Earth Charter in six secondary schools in the rural district of Aucallama, in the province of Huaral, Lima. The program has been divided into phases and the second phase just started in August. Their hope is to create a Center of Excellence for Agricultural Development by 2012, based on the systemic vision of sustainability.

At present, the organization has 25 tutors and 5 facilitators as trainers for the second phase. They started training the youngsters last July 23 and 24 and are continuing to do so every month until December, when more than 400 students will receive the certification of “Social Cohesion and Earth Charter Animators”.

Their training program includes the development of six areas of content; one of them is the Social Action Contents, strongly linked with the service to the Community. This area of content will sensitize the tutors, youngsters, and all the people that will receive the training in the future. 

Their idea is to include the Earth Charter document as official content in their curriculum and implement it as an innovative educational model in 2012. The main focus of the curriculum would be the preservation of the planet and its nature.

You can see the official presentation document of the Second Phase, in Spanish here.

Click here to see the preliminary curriculum (in Spanish) to be developed during the second phase.