Current Dialogue on Earth Charter Relevance to contemporary issues

To help stimulate dialogue around the relevance of the Earth Charter to contemporary issues, ECI executive director, Mirian Vilela, invited Prof Brendan Mackey* in 2017 to write an essay as a personal reflection on the Earth Charter’s current relevance and the ways in which it can be used to help promote a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

The idea then evolved to broaden this activity by inviting a group of people who are engaged with the Earth Charter initiative to write a brief response to Brendan’s essay and to share all these reflections on the relevance of the Earth Charter to contemporary issues by posting them on the ECI web site.

We hope these materials will help stimulate an expanded dialogue on the significant and relevance of the Earth Charter to contemporary issues and the challenges of the Anthropocene

We welcome anyone who has been working with and reflecting on the Earth Charter and its uses, to share with us their responses and reflections. If you would like to make a contribution to this dialogue please email a short essay (700 words max.) to the ECI executive director at

*Director of Griffith University’s Climate Change Response Programme. Brendan was a member of the Earth Charter Drafting committee, former co-chair of Earth Charter International Council and is a senior advisor of the Earth Charter Initiative.

Author: Bernstein, Bosselmann, Brown, Capra, Dower, Hacker, Heyerdahl, Lambooy, Mackey, Muller, Ogbuiweg, Preston, Robinson, Roerink, Song Li
Publisher: Earth Charter International
Year Published: 2018
Country: International