Earth Charter video TV Spot 2010


These 10 TV spots are part of the Earth Charters 10th anniversary campaign: It Starts With One. The campaign was launched worldwide on Earth Day – April 22nd 2010 and will run all year long. The TV spots were produced on a pro-bono basis in São Paulo, Brazil by the following volunteers that we would like to deeply thank: -EC Communication from the Creative Director Valdir Bianchi -Santo Forte Digital video production from Ale e Lipe Lepiane – Sonido sound production from Lucas Duque Fernanda Baumhardt and Cristina Moreno, both volunteers of Earth Charter Brazil are now working with the international media for donation of spaces around the world. If you have any contacts or would like to run any of these spots, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Please note these digital files are very compressed therefore are not at broadcast quality. If you need it in better quality contact us by email. English US 60 sec English US 30 sec English UK 60 sec English UK 30 sec Spanish 60 sec Spanish 30 sec Portuguese 60 sec Portuguese Brazil 30 sec Portuguese 15 sec Portuguese 12 sec

Author: Earth Charter Brazil
Year Published: 2010
Country: Brazil