Newsflash 2002-11/12

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In this issue: 1. The Earth Charter encounters the Norwegian winter; 2. Ųe is the first municipality in Sweden to endorse the Earth Charter; 3. A City in Australia applies the Earth Charter in its strategic planning; 4. The Earth Charter as a participant in a French initiative; 5. Papua New Guinea develops a Tribal Charter based on the Earth Charter; 6. The first Earth Charter youth forum in Mato Grosso, Brazil; 7. The potential of the Earth Charter in Scotland is examined; 8. The Earth Charter for kids was launched in Porto Alegre, Brazil; 9. Asian civil society forum ended successfully; and, Announcements from the Earth Charter Secretariat: 10. Seeking pictures and stories? 11. New policy for endorsing organizations.

Publisher: Earth Charter Initiative
Year Published: 2002
Country: International
Language: 1