Seeking Alternatives in a Global Crisis

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Replacing the United Nations system and large international institutions with plutocratic groups (G-7, G-8, G-20) and universal principles with the laws of the market has led to multiple crises that require immediate reaction to prevent them from becoming irreversible. Neoliberalism has placed military, energy, economic and media power in the hands of a very few (the “great domain”). The markets – for the most part undeservedly “rescued” – are now harassing political leaders, making democracies progressively more vulnerable and even appointing governments without elections (including in Greece, the cradle!). For the first time in history we have the means for mobilizing people and involving citizens in local and global government, which enables us to affirm that we are living in fascinating times in which radical changes are now feasible.

Author: Mayor, Federico
Publisher: Cadmus Journal
Year Published: 2013
Country: International
Language: 1