Thesis – Stucker, Dominic – Toward Governance for Environmental Security and Peace in Tajikistan

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A Thesis Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a Master’s Degree of Arts in Environmental Security and Peace, University for Peace.


“[…] This research paper focuses on Tajikistan, an impoverished, agricultural, and mountainous country located in southeastern Central Asia. It concludes that loss of natural capital in Tajikistan has compromised rural livelihood options and contributed to the emergence of unsustainable livelihood strategies, social conflict, especially gender inequity, and – in combination with other factors such as high rural population growth and a significant youth bulge; high unemployment of young men and women; and regionalism – a heightened probability of renewed violent conflict. […]”

Author: Stucker, Dominic
Year Published: 2006
Country: Tajikistan
Language: 1