Life Alert… new music album inspired by the Earth Charter

ECI Secretariat and composer Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor are pleased to present Life Alert, a new music album inspired by the Earth Charter. This collaborative project, which has been developed over the past year and a half, was created to provide a useful resource to educators of primary schools who are interested in working with values and principles of sustainability in the classroom.

Language teachers of English and Spanish can also make good use of this resource. Playful and full of youthful energy, this album is geared toward children ages 5 – 12, yet it can be enjoyed by all ages. Founded on optimism, the songs (which vary from punk rock and hip hop to reggae and experimental) strike a unique balance between seriousness and silliness.

Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor (aka Quique), the composer and musician, is an educator who was raised in both Peru and the United States. Faced with the challenge of finding himself in the midst of two distinct cultures while growing up, Quique learned what it means to embrace different cultural traditions as well as to find our common values. Along the way he also discovered one of humanity’s universal vehicles for human expression – music. Two years ago, Quique stumbled upon something new altogether, something that affirmed his values in an inspiring way – the Earth Charter. Life Alert is the outcome of that inspiring encounter.

And he felt quite happy on the day of the album’s completion…

As an artist and educator, Quique created these songs with teachers in mind, as they often need materials that will help them get the attention of children and teenagers in order for them to learn about sustainable lifestyles.

Find Life Alert songs and lyrics here.

This resource is offered as a gift especially to educators who are interested in teaching about sustainability using the Earth Charter principles.  It can also be used by anyone else free of charge!