Listen to "The Value of Values" – MP3 Audio Files/Podcasts Now Online

Listen to “The Value of Values” – MP3 Audio Files/Podcasts Now Online


We are pleased to announce that Earth Charter International’s seminar at Imperial College London (15 March 2006) is now available in MP3 (audio file) format!


You can listen to both each speaker’s two-minute statement to the press, or to the full fifteen-minute speech to the seminar audience.


Click below to begin listening (requires that your browser can handle MP3 files …)


Princess Basma Bint Talal, Press Statement


Ruud Lubbers, Press Statement


Alexander Likhotal, Press Statement


Herman Mulder, Press Statement


John Elkington, Press Statement


Jane Nelson, Press Statement


Princess Basma Bint Talal, Full Presentation


Ruud Lubbers, Full Presentation


Alexander Likhotal, Full Presentation


Herman Mulder, Full Presentation


John Elkington, Full Presentation


Jane Nelson, Full Presentation