"Making the Invisible Visible" Conference

“Making the Invisible Visible” is an international conference bringing together an emerging community of practice in Indicators, Sustainability and Human Values for business, civil society and other organisations around the world.
The conference is hosted by the University of Brighton, UK, from December 16-18, 2010.  It will showcase the results of a Pioneering ???0.8Million EU Funded Project to Trial Values-Based Indicators to Measure the Values Dimension of Organisations and Projects.

Earth Charter International will participate in this conference with a plenary address by Mrs. Alide Roerink, from NCDO Netherlands, two specialist session, one conducted by Jeffrey Newman, ECI Affiliate from UK, and an  EC Assess session conducted by Alicia Jimenez from ECI Secretariat.

Among the speakers  are: a global expert in economics, Augusto Lopez-Claros (Chief Economist and Director of the the Global Competitiveness Report 2006/2007 and the Humanitarian Response Index at the World Economic Forum); leading environmentalists such as Arthur Dahl (President of the International Environment Forum, former Deputy Assistant Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and former coordinator of the UN System-Wide Earthwatch) and Professor Arjen Wals (UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development and world expert on environmental education); parliamentarians  such as Professor Bedrich Moldan (Senator in the Parliament of the Czech Republic and a global authority on indicators for sustainable development); civil society organisations as diverse as the International Red Cross, the Alliance for Religions and Conservation (ARC), Global Action Plan InternationalConsumer Citizen Network//PERL; world experts on values in business  such as Richard Barrett (leadership expert mapping values among some 2000 organisations in over 40 countries); and AtKisson.Inc. Also, representatives from UNESCO (DESD),  UNEP, and the WHO

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