Mapting Blog Launched: An Invitation to Show that Everyday People Act for the Common Good

We’re excited to announce that our app Mapting has launched a blog! Visit our blog to read about users’ stories and projects, new updates and news about our app, and about interesting events, activities, and presentations related to Mapting! If you would like to write a blog post about your project/ initiative and how you’re using Mapting to spread your message please write us and we’ll feature your story on our blog.

Your blog must be in English, between 400-1500 words, and should include how you’re using Mapting and how the app is helping you raise awareness about your cause! Please send all articles to Christine Lacayo, Youth Projects Coordinator: [email protected]


Mapting Photo Contest for International Youth Day 12 August!

Participate in our next Mapting photo contest to celebrate International Youth Day on 12 August! The contest will run for a week from 12-19 August. This year’s theme is “Youth Peace Building”. For more information visit: https://earthcharter.org/news-post/mapting-photo-contest-international-youth-day-12-august/

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