Mapting Launch in Malaysia

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Back in April, two major events helped us launch Mapting in Malaysia. With this post, we bring more insight to some of the pictures that you might have seen on our App.


Mapting was first introduced in Malaysia during the opening ceremony of “HIJAU”, an art exhibition celebrating nature, hosted by Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) from April 8th to 23rd.1492651418_file_name (003)

Thanks to the coordination efforts of local artist Chin Kon Yit, twenty-five artists coming from diverse backgrounds and ages, including Goh Ah Ang, Koh Shim Luen, Lok How Yuan and Tham Siew Moi, exposed their artworks. Combining various styles and mediums – watercolour, oils, acrylics, mixed media and batik –  the seventy pieces all shared a common trait – a deep love for nature.

For exhibition coordinator and artist Chin Kon Yit, the exhibition was a venue for artist to express their love for the Earth and the nature they live in. In his welcoming speech, he quoted German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn, whose words deeply resonate with what “HIJAU” stands for:




“Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realise that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.”

Blending art and environmental protection, “HIJAU” was the perfect venue to introduce Mapting to the Malaysian public and inspire them to make the 17 SDGs a reality by 2030. For Johnny Ng, SGM Deputy President, it was a great opportunity  “ to remind everyone that we all live on the same earth… and therefore, we have the mutual responsibility to preserve its well being and ensure that our children will inherit this heritage.”


On April 22, 2017, a day designated as the International Earth Day, an event titled “Sembang” (Chit-chat) was held at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM. Co-organised by SGM and the World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia, the event gathered more than 320 participants and aimed at inspiring people, especially young people, to take on greater efforts in the promotion of sustainable development. For Dr. Dionysius S. K. Sharma, Executive director of WWF-Malaysia, “Young people are the voices of tomorrow, and early exposure to sustainable development will enable them to make informed decisions, have the right mindset and the right behaviour to build a more sustainable future.”

Following Dr Dionysius S. K. Sharma’s speech, six young people took the stage to share their stories. They spoke about the danger and harm done to bears and elephant, highlighted the preciousness of water, voiced out concerns about our habits as consumers and raised awareness on the plight caused by hunger. Brian Fam, a member of the SGM Student Division, presented Mapting and encouraged everyone to share their positive actions and promote sustainable actions.

Written by: Soka Gakkai International

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