Mapting Workshop with SERES’ Annual Youth Encounter for Sustainability

SERES, an organization that cultivates youth leaders to create sustainable communities in Central America, held a Mapting workshop for 46 young leaders from Guatemala and El Salvador during their Ninth Sustainability Youth Encounter. The Youth Encounter took place from 26 November- 1 December, 2018 and the theme of the meeting was migration as a transversal axis: “Migration or Transformation: highlighting the youth potential.”_DSC0384 1

The Annual Sustainability Youth Encounter is a space built to invite young people from Guatemala and El Salvador, who are implementing community action plans and exercising their citizen muscle, to a 4.5-day camp to strengthen their plans with new tools and knowledge, and develop their personal leadership through the construction of networks. During the Mapting workshop, the youth were able to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to the Earth Charter Principles through the lens of social media.


Impressions from Participants

“I know a little bit about the SDGs, but the word MAPTING caught my attention, and I am pleased to share this platform with others since we can share a lot of information from my groups.”

“This app will help us as young people implementing many actions; it is a way to make our work known.”

“This is a tool that helps us meet people who are making changes at a global or community level.”

“It impresses me how we can be so far away and be able to see what changes there are in different countries of the world.”

We invite more organizations to share actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Mapting to expose their projects and to connect with other similar projects! To learn how to use Mapting, see our How-to-Use guide.