Medcom Benefit Solutions and Earth Charter International Announce Partnership

Medcom partnershipMedcom Benefit Solutions and Earth Charter International announced the forging of a new Partnership to work together and promote the development of sustainability and community outreach programs.

About Medcom Benefit Solutions:

Medcom is a leading benefits administration company located in Jacksonville, Florida. Their mission is to contribute to the security and well-being of their employee benefit clients, agency partners, and employees in a professional and compassionate manner. Their vision is to bring innovation and transformative leadership to the Employee Benefit community.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Earth Charter International,” states Medcom President, Michael J. Bracken. “The four pillars of the Earth Charter incorporate universal values such as ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace, and respect and care for the diversity of all life. We are using the Earth Charter as a framework for integrating these values into our corporate culture. These values will serve as a guiding light to all of the Community Outreach programs, which our employees develop and engage in. Our employees reach a large constituency of citizens and programs in need at local schools and the larger community. As an organization, we gain from their expanded sense of consciousness as a critical part of their professional and personal growth. In addition to this, ECI provides several dynamic and participatory online courses in sustainability and ethics which we encourage and support our employees and extended community to take.”

“ECI welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Medcom Benefit Solutions in order to share knowledge, experiences and expand ECI’s vision and horizons. The value of such collaboration cannot be measured in numbers but in new thinking, in re-framing conversations and the way we do things more constructively. Collaboration requires shared values and goals. We share the commitment to contribute to the common good and the betterment of our world by looking at the role of each individual and institution,” expressed Mirian Vilela, ECI Executive Director. “We are confident that this new Partnership with Medcom will enable us to better contribute to the building of a more just, sustainable and peaceful local and global community.”

About Our Partnership

Medcom will utilize this partnership to increase employee involvement in the community and provide a more well-rounded workplace. They hope to contribute to the lives of their employees and the lives of those in the community, beyond benefits. Their intention is to provide local citizens and business with the tools to create and be a part of a cohesive, sustainable, empathetic, and forward-thinking place to live. Medcom Benefit Solutions is partnering with Earth Charter International with their future in mind.

For more information about Medcom Benefit Solutions visit https://www.medcombenefits.com or contact Kacy Hope, Marketing Manager, at [email protected].

For more information about Earth Charter International visit https://earthcharter.org, or contact [email protected].