Meet the New Earth Charter Young Leaders

This year, 9 young people from 7 different countries became Earth Charter Young Leaders (ECYL) after successfully completing the Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics (LSE) online course. The motivated young leaders in this group have made the commitment to remain engaged after the course by putting the Earth Charter principles into action in their local community as well as part of a global network. The members of this cohort include educators, students, activists, among other professions.

In order to successfully complete the LSE course, these participants logged into an online platform during ten weeks, where they got to know each other and shared experiences through discussion forums, weekly assignments, and real-time online meetings. During week 10 of the course, each participant implemented his or her own local workshop where they discussed topics such as sustainability, systems thinking, ethical decision-making, and the Earth Charter. These young leaders facilitated their workshops among their own networks, which included coworkers, students, and friends.

The new Earth Charter Young Leaders are now members of the Earth Charter Movement, and will contribute by continuing to implement local workshops, writing articles, and joining efforts to turn conscience into action.

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Meet new ECYLs