Meeting of Earth Charter Indonesia's Network

EC Indonesia’s network is a group of organizations whose members are trying to join efforts to promote the Earth Charter in this country.  They have discussed ways to bring the Earth Charter into their own organization’s activities, but also have been thinking on collaborating in specific actions.


So far, the active members of EC Indonesia network are:  Ministry of Environment (MoE), Environmental Partnership Foundation (Dana Mitra Lingkungan/DML),Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI), and Sustainable Development Foundation (YPB).  


Their last meeting was on April 15 2009. In this meeting they agreed on the review the Earth Charter Indonesian website, and coordinate with the Earth Charter International Secretariat  to put in online.  


In addition, each organization shared their plans to implement the EC principles in their own sphere of actions. For example, MoE is planning to disseminate EC principles with their stakeholders.  KEHATI will add the EC principles to KEHATI Award. And YPB is planning to conduct ‘Climate Smart Leaders’. This is a competition to find a  Climate Change young leader (19-22 years old) in several major cities in Indonesia.