Mexican companies commit to the Earth Charter

On Monday, August 19, 2013 at a large event in Monterrey, Mexico the Delta Development Group and Madisa CAT pledged to follow the sustainability vision articulated in the Earth Charter. The event included employees and presidents of the two companies. Delta Development works in development, investment and management of real estate projects and Madisa CAT is dedicated to specialized equipment for industry and construction.

On this occasion, the leaders of both companies signed the endorsement of the Earth Charter together with the president of PASA, Mr. Alberto Garza. The event, organized by Carlos Gomez, featured a presentation by Mirian Vilela, the Executive Director of the Earth Charter International Secretariat, on the importance of making decisions consistent with sustainability values . Madisa CAT and Developments Delta are expected to follow in PASA’s steps and incorporate the values of the Earth Charter in their companies’ visions and modus operandi.

At an event on Tuesday, August 20th, the National Chamber of Industries (CANACINTRA) in Mexico City formalized its endorsement of the Earth Charter. CANACINTRA, with more than 50,000 members, is committed to promoting the Earth Charter and using it as a reference and guide in their decision making processes and work programs. In preparation for the commitment to this vision, earlier this year, CANACINTRA restated its mission, which already incorporates the Earth Charter. Its new mission is “To represent, defend, and promote, under the legal framework and the values expressed in the Earth Charter, the interests of members and the Industry of Mexico, effectively influencing development, sustainability, innovation, competitiveness, and integration of industries, sectors, and regions through high quality services articulated by the integrated Service Center.”

The event was attended by CANACINTRA’s National President Eng. Rodrigo Alpizar, Vice President Carlos Gomez, as well as several business officials and members of the organization, along with Representative Jorge Legorreta Ordorica of SEMARNAT (The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico), Head of the Coordinator of Social Participation and Transparency Unit, and Mateo Castillo Ceja, Board Member of Earth Charter International and Earth Charter Focal Point in Mexico.

CANACINTRA has a broad impact at the national level, particularly regarding small to medium-sized enterprises, so this endorsement may be an important step in the transformation process towards sustainability. CANACINTRA is expected to work actively towards the vision of the Earth Charter in its activities, with a close collaboration with the Earth Charter International Secretariat.