Mexico: 2007 Monterrey World Forum of Cultures Endorses the Earth Charter

The organizers of the Monterrey World Forum of Cultures 2007 endorsed the Earth Charter in a ceremony on 3 July 2007. At this ceremony, leaders signed a commitment to use the Earth Charter as a guide and ethical framework to decisions, in the development of plans and policies, and as an educational guide. Othon Ruiz Montemayor, President of the Council of the World Forum of Cultures, committed to promoting the Earth Charter through various events during the three months of forum activities, and in the framework of the National Earth Charter Meeting in Mexico, planned for 11 and 12 October 2007.


The ceremony was held in the Forum press room in Cintermex. Participants included Fundación Monterrey; Othón Ruiz, President of the Council of the Forum; Jorge Ángel Díaz, Director of Dialogues; and  Eliseo Garza Salinas, Director of Exhibitions. Representing the Earth Charter were Mateo Castillo Ceja of the Earth Charter Council and Ministry of Environment of Mexico, and Abelardo Brenes. Enrique Leff of the United Nations Environment Programme, and Alberto Garza Santos, President of Fundación Mundo Sustentable, also joined the ceremony.


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