Mobile photo exhibition inspired by the Earth Charter – Brazil

In Pernambuco, the photographer Miguel Igreja has been using the Earth Charter as inspiration for a Photo Arts Exhibition that promotes arts, culture, sustainable transportation, and new technologies.

The exhibition is called “Pernambuco: Culture, History and the Sea”.  He showcased this exhibition during the People’s Summit in Rio+20, and in 2013 he presented it at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Development Science Association (at the Federal University of Pernambuco).

Because of the interest this exhibition generated, Miguel decided to extend the exhibition, which is why, in 2013 his team requested and was granted permission to present this exhibition around the city by the Culture Office of Pernambuco.

This is a mobile exhibition that presents pictures that are carried around using bicycles. The panels of this exhibition have a QR Code, so people with smart phones can access other images and information regarding sustainability.

This work is based on the Earth Charter’s values and principles, and uses images to inspire people to preserve nature, life, and culture
This way, the exhibition travels around different areas, helps to democratize information regarding sustainability, and also prompts conversations regarding sustainable urban transportation, access to arts, and the use of new technologies for learning purposes.

The plan is to have the exhibition in the Fernando do Noronha Archipelago in April 2014, and then it will circulate around Recife during the World Cup (June), and in Olinda, during the second part of the year.