Life Alert Album
Enrique Rodriguez Pastor
USA – Peru
This album is the result of a collaborative project between ECI Secretariat and Enrique Rodriguez Pastor.  It contains 12 songs that reflect the ethical principles of the Earth Charter. It aims to provide a useful resource to educators who are interested in working with values and principles of sustainability in the classroom.  The songs are geared to children ages 5-12, although it can be enjoyed by youth of all ages.
Some of the songs are in English, others in Spanish and some combine both languages.


Raffi CD

In the summer of 2003, Raffi, a famous Canadian children’s singer and songwriter, launched a misic CD inspired by the Earth Charter. The CD, Where we all belong, contains three songs inviting people to celebrate life and invokes the power of music to help promote the Earth Charter. The song “Where we all belong”, sung on the CD as both as chant and a ballad, conveys the message of the Earth Charter by describing Earth as an abundant home and “circle where we all belong”.
Listen to Raffi’s Earth Charter song in youtube!


Nous, les enfants de la Terre
Eric Tudico

An Earth Charter song entitled “Nous, les enfants de la Terre” was written in France by Eric Tudico.
Listen to Nous, les enfants de la TerreRead lyrics in French or English


Earth Charter / UNESCO CD’s
Pour La Terre


Pour la Terre, a non-profit French environmental association, has engaged in a project to create a music CD to promote the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter / UNESCO CD is an important way to deliver the message of the Earth Charter to schoolchildren. It promotes the teaching of sustainable development fusing songs by international artists with Earth Charter principles.
The first part of the CD-project, an international Earth Charter / UNESCO CD was completed in spring 2005. This CD contains twenty-one songs on two disks by independent artists from around the world, including: Mana with Carlos Santana, Youssou N’Dour, Chico and the Gypsies, and Naveen Kumar. In addition to the songs, the CD is composed of a school kit that includes a detailed description of each song, and also a Guide “The Earth Charter: an educational tool” which delineates the background information for the CD: the complete text of the Earth Charter and general information on the Initiative. The School kit has: a) song lyrics, with relevance of each to Earth Charter values and principles, b) biographies of the artists and their activities relating to sustainable development, and c) suggested educational exercises linked with the song and the associated theme(s).

To learn more, visit Earth Charter / UNESCO CD’s


Earth Hymn
Alfredo Estigarribia Lopez

Singer Alfredo Estigarribia Lopez was inspired by the Ecological Movement of Paraguay to compose and record an “Earth Hymn” in homage to the Earth Charter. This song was presented during a special event at the headquarters of the National Commission for the Defense of Natural Resources. “Earth Hymn” is a tribute to the beauty of the world and of Paraguay.
Read lyrics in English and Spanish


La Ultima Flor
Sven Nehlin


This song offers the Earth Charter as an alternative to the destruction of the world and of the last flower of its kind, la ultima flor. Nehlin sent “La Ultima Flor” to hundreds of people as an Earth Charter promotion for the end of the millennium.
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Earth Charter Song
Nick Vall


At the South Australia Earth Charter launch in 2000, students of Thomas More College sang an Earth Charter song written by Nick Vall. This song was a call for peace, justice, and an understanding that nature can provide everything that we need if we stop abusing it.
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My Heart Is Moved CD
Carolyn McDade and Friends


My Heart is Moved is the name of the body of music that we are coming to know, and that is coming to know us. Its poetry and music arise from the energies of Creation, Earth, Universe, in conversation with the Earth Charter.
Women gathered locally in 10 regions of North America during the seasons 2006-2007 to sing, reflect, and live into a body of music. Songs written by Carolyn McDade, Norma Luccock and Nancy Nordlie have been given instrumental voice by exquisite musicians.
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Pray Rain
Pam Gerrand


Pray Rain CD reflects Pam Gerrand’s evolution as an artist, and chronicles the beauty and pain that has shaped her in the past few years. The sharpness and sweetness of mortality, brought home by her sister’s and best friend’s journey through cancer; the sweet redemption of rain following drought in the land and the heart; the numinous poetry of mystic Rumi; the steely, sinewy surrender to the dark cold of a Canadian winter… all of these are fodder for Gerrand’s soul stirring offering of 11 songs.
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Maya Lilly


In September 2009, students of UPEACE organized a celebration of the International Day of Peace where they presented their art. Maya Lilly was one of the student of UPEACE and wrote her song “Just” on this occasion.