New Affiliate: UNIPAZ

Earth Charter International warmly welcomes Universidade Internacional da Paz – UNIPAZ from Brazil as a new ECI Affiliate.

The International Peace University – UNIPAZ is a non-governmental, non-profit organization created to develop projects related to the culture of peace, based on a holistic vision and a transdisciplinary approach, according to the guidelines of the Venice Declaration of 1986, Brasília Declaration of 1987, Letter of Transdisciplinarity of 1994, Magna Carta of the Holistic University International and the education program “The Art of Living in Peace” by Pierre Weil, Honorable Mention of the UNESCO prize for Education for Peace, in 2000 and from which the Fundamental Theory of UNIPAZ originated.

UNIPAZ was created and installed in Brasília in 1986 and today it has installed venues in 20 cities in Brazil and Portugal.

In every UNIPAZ unit, the pedagogy of a culture of peace developed by Pierre Weil and his team is used, based on UN and UNESCO documents. The program has been applied to training, courses, and seminars open to all interested groups.

In Brazil, the program has been taken to government institutions and public and private schools of elementary, middle, and higher education. At least 20,000 Brazilians were trained to apply for this program in their communities.

Learn more about UNIPAZ here.