New affiliates from Argentina, Bolivia, Spain and Uganda

In Argentina CEIDeS (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies for Sustainable Development Foundation) joined Earth Charter International as an Affiliate.  This foundation is nonprofit organization for the common good in Córdoba composed by a group of professionals and social leaders building, promoting and implementing a wide, transversal and interdisciplinary scope of sustainable development in their country.  The Earth Charter will be used in this context as a perfect match for this purpose as well as an educational tool in their courses.  Their aim is to generate synergies between governments, businesses and civil society encouraging the promotion and transfer of knowledge through education and training.  Please see here in Spanish news on their website regarding their affiliation to the ECI.

“CONSTRUIR” Foundation is a nonprofit organization in La Paz, Bolivia which works on research, education and communication with the purpose of contributing to the coordination and promotion of actions and strategies for citizens’ participation processes in order to strengthen access to justice and democratic, social and economic development with gender equity.  This foundation is eager to insert the Earth Charter in their several areas of work such as Prevention of Violence based on Gender, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Prevention of School Violence, Freedom of Speech, among others. 

Poessible, Social and Communication Innovation Agency, has decided to become part of ECI.  This Agency, directed by Ángel Arenas,    responsible for the International Relations of UNESCO Andalucía (Spain) and consulting member of the executive committee of the International Federation of UNESCO Centers, works closely in many of his projects with Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Earth Charter Commissioner.  With great creativity this agency offers concrete solutions to universal problems with great visibility through projects that have been developed in 130 cities in more than 43 countries.  The Agency is planning to use and include the Earth Charter as an ethical and educational framework in some of these projects and future ones.  See more about their numerous projects here. 

The Uganda Martyrs University has become an affiliate of the Earth Charter Initiative.  The Vice Chancellor of this University signed an agreement with the Earth Charter International Secretariat to start this partnership.  This agreement will be operationalized through the Department of Good Governance and Peace Studies. This Department has developed an Environmental Governance and Conservation program in which they use the Earth Charter as theoretical and ethical framework.  This program includes courses, extension projects and research.