New book calls to action around the Earth Charter and ethical governance

The action and dialogue on the role of global ethics in the global governance is very important facing today’s challenges around the world. In this context, the book “The Crisis in Global Ethics and the Future of Global Governance: Fulfilling the Promise of the Earth Charter” calls for a new discussion on global ethics.

The publication was edited by Peter Burdon, Klaus Bosselmann and Kirsten Engel. It responds to two influencing texts on global ethics and the promise of the Earth Charter written by J. Ronald Engel, who is a pioneer in the debate over democracy’s place in the Anthropocene.


This book points out the role that “declarations”, such as the Earth Charter, can play in global governance and Earth Charter book on Governance Ethicsthe importance of deeper global dialogues. For instance, it aims to inspire an active movement that can reclaim the moral high ground and motivate the vision of a just and sustainable future. At the same time, it appeals to the attention of students and academics working in the fields of law, philosophy and the social sciences, as well as community groups endorsing the Earth Charter and global initiatives.

“The scholars in this book have stepped forward in this volume to continue the debate about the global ethics movement, its recent triumphs, failures and challenges ahead. Anyone concerned with the dignity of the human race and the majesty of Planet Earth, and the contemporary threats to both, will find the intellect and wisdom in the book pleasurably spiritual and absorbing”,  points Parvez Hassan, awarded Advocate of Hassan and Hassan, Pakistan.

The editors: 

Peter Burdon, Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Klaus Bosselmann, Professor of Law and Director, New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Kirsten Engel, James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona, USA.

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