New book: Remembering Maurice F. Strong

Remembering Maurice F. Strong coverA new book Legacy for the future and future generations, Remembering Maurice F. Strong: Tributes and Reminiscences was recently published by the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) located in Serbia.

The book brings together contributions from 41 individuals who worked or collaborated with Maurice Strong in different settings. Through the various essays, reflections are made on the global leadership role Maurice Strong had in the field of sustainable development, environment and peace. Many expressed appreciation for the inspirational role Strong played in their lives and in different movements of social change. The visionary leadership of Maurice Strong continues to have an impact through the many UN environment conventions and organizations he helped to set up or was involved with in one way or another.

The collection of essays was edited by Federico Mayor, Negoslav Ostojić and Roberto Savio. Roberto Savio wrote, “Strong patiently built the foundations of a long and complex transformation.”

Maurice Strong spearheaded different phases of the Earth Charter Initiative since the idea emerged in the Brundtland Commission report “Our Common Future.” He was the co-chair of the Earth Charter Commission in the ‘90s, and as such, was closely involved in this for over 20 years.

Strong Keynot Address2 EC 5 Netherlands 2005The Earth Charter text is featured in the book and many contributors refer to it. There is a chapter by Steven C. Rockefeller on “Maurice Strong and the Earth Charter” and one by Mirian Vilela called “The Art of Articulating Shared Vision and Global Collaboration. A Model of a 21st Century Leader.

The Center also published the book, Remembering Boutros Boutros-Ghali, which is available on their website.

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