New book, The Earth Charter in Education, by Moacir Gadotti

This book aims to reflect how each educational environment can incorporate socio-environmental debates in their activities, using the Earth Charter as a resource for teaching and learning.

The book invites teachers to reorient their pedagogical practice and get familiarized with a diversity of eco-learning experiences. By using the values and principles of the Earth Charter, several transdisciplinary capacities can be enhanced in the students, such as: feeling, intuition, imagination, creativity, create and recreate, sense of interconnectedness, self-organization, communication and expressing themselves, search for causes and consequences, been critical, make decisions, dream and celebrate life.  The aim is to help students develop the capacity to participate in the sustainable management of the place they live.

The book is only available in Portuguese, click here to find more information about this, its bibliographic reference is:

A Carta da Terra na Educação, Moacir Gadotti – Série Cidadania Planetária, vol. 3. Editora e Livraria Instituto Paulo Freire, 2010 | 978-85-61910-41-9 | 128 p.

About the author:
Moacir Gadotti has a PhD in Education from the University of Geneva, and is Professor of Education Philosophy of the University of Sao Paulo and Director of Paulo Freire Institute, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He is an Advisor of Earth Charter International and member of the UNESCO Reference Group of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.