New Climate Change and Earth Charter video

We invite you to join us in stressing the importance of incorporating values and ethics as the basis of all climate negotiations.

Please take a look at this new Climate Change and Earth Charter video that is taking part in a You Tube/ CNN’s competition “Raise your voice: change climate change”!

Give your support to this important ethical cause, by voting on the video ‘Climate Change and The Earth Charter’.

The Earth Charter Initiative stresses that the climate negotiations should be:

  • Based on shared global values for a common future,
  • Motivated by a sense of universal collaboration and responsibility of present generations in relation to future generations

You can vote by following these steps (it’s quick!):

1. Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/Cop15

2. On the top of the page, above the video screen, click on vote.

3. On the right of the video screen go to the search for a specific video box, type in ecinternational (no space and lower case).

4. Two Earth Charter videos will appear, we suggest you select the second video – “Club on Rome Assembly and The Earth Charter” that was produced at Club of Rome General Assembly meeting in Amsterdam and through multiple interviews brings our specific message for the climate negotiations.

5. Click on the green thumb up to vote on this video.

Important: Contest rules are not clear about counting multiple votes per user but they are clear they will remove any fraudulent and automated votes.

We will appreciate your help in spreading this around and asking for your colleagues, friends and network to add their voting.

More details here. 

Please see more on Climate Change and the Earth Charter here.