New Earth Charter Affiliate shares educational materials with us

Carta-Tierra-Braille-SpainThe Implica’t + group is the newest Earth Charter Initiative affiliate. This is a group of 55 teachers in the region of Catalonia, Spain, that use the Earth Charter in their classrooms, representing 41 schools.

The coordinator of this group, Maria del Mar Lluelles, has provided us the following links where you can find the information on the materials in Castilian that Implíca’t + has developed, to be used in the classroom:
 A more complete information can be found at this link, in Catalan.
One very important material that they have created is the version of the Earth Charter, in Castilian and Catalan, in Braille.
The excellent work of this group has awarded them two prizes: The Impulse Foundation prize as best educational innovation project, and the first Federico Mayor Zaragoza price in the category of Education.