New Earth Charter-based children's workshop in Spain

Cristina Barros Villa, Spanish, illustrator and graphic designer, created a children’s Earth Charter based workshop called V.I.P. (Value, Imagine and Paint).  This project was tailored to offer children, between 6 and 12, the possibility of learning through artistic activities several essential values. The valuing of yourself, other people, and the environment that surrounds you are three important pillars in education that will help children grow a little bit every day. 

The workshop touches themes like environment and multiculturalism in a fun way, covering various artistic styles from different cultures, and uses its own materials created from ecological and recyclable products.  All these activities are carried out in groups to encourage team formation with the purpose of getting each child to feel accepted and easily learn to value him or herself.

More information with Cristina at [email protected]

This workshop was recently offered, together with Fundación Valores, at the VI Congreso Proyectos y Utopías para un Mundo Mejor (VI Projects and Utopias for a Better World Congress) held in Madrid.