New Earth Charter Channel in YouTube

The Earth Charter International Secretariat has recently launched a video channel on YouTube.

The channel address is http://www.youtube.com/user/ECInternational, and it currently features 37 videos about the Earth Charter in a variety of languages.

The videos include advertisements and introductory videos about the Earth Charter, information about various Earth Charter related activities around the world and interviews with individuals such as Ruud Lubbers, Leonardo Boff, David Korten, Maria Novo, Moacir Gadotti, Edgar Gonzalez and many others.

Our channel, called ECInternational, also lists a number of our favorite videos related to the Earth Charter and provides links to our subscribers and friends. We encourage you to watch our videos, comment on them, submit video responses and subscribe to our channel. By subscribing to our channel you will be automatically notified by email when we upload a new video. To do this, just click the yellow “subscribe” button that can be found on the channel page itself or on any of the videos we have released.


With this channel, we hope groups from around the world will: be stimulated to record and post short videos sharing their experiences in working with the Earth Charter, learn from one another and use in workshops or as an educational resource.