New Earth Charter Web site

After consultations with web and media experts from Fenton last year, the ECI Secretariat undertook a dramatic redesign of the Earth Charter Initiative Web site. The new site is cleaner, clearer, easier to navigate, more modern, and much more attractive than the previous site. The new design reflects ECI’s ambitions to continue to grow as a vital sustainability network hub and information source, as well as announce the new, cutting-edge Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development.

The Fenton recommendations are clear in many of the site’s features. ECI followed the guidance of Fenton in making the homepage more friendly and welcoming, reorienting the page horizontally instead of vertically as it was previously, and adding some more color. ECI also adopted the basic layout concept that Fenton recommended. The new site also took Fenton’s recommendation of featuring notable endorsers. The new site is also much easier to navigate, and the Earth Charter document and donate feature have buttons on the principal menu. Fenton’s recommendations were very helpful in creating the new look and feel of the Earth Charter Initiative Web site.

The Virtual Library has also adopted the new look and easier navigation style. The ECI Secretariat will increase efforts to gather good practice stories to showcase on the new Web site. The site is living and will continue to evolve and improve and ECI is committed to offering information available in English, Spanish and French.

This project was possible thanks to the financial contribution from the Kalliopeia Foundation.

Please, visit the new site and let us know what you think, especially if there’s something you think we can do better.