New EC-based program at the University of Granada, Spain

The Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Granada in Spain approved a new 6- credit program titled “Earth Charter Platform for Action (PACTA)”. The program is available for any student within the Faculty.  The general objective of the program is to promote a holistic learning (cognitive, affective/emotional, and action) based on Earth Charter values.  This project is more open and less formal and academic compared to typical classes.

The specific objectives of the program are: 
a) Facilitate a basic education on Earth Charter values
b) Create a social network to ensure a culture of transition based on the Earth Charter vision
c) Acknowledge and participate in the already existing initiatives developed at the university and in the City of Granada

After the EC-based teaching innovation project that was implemented two semesters previously, and along with the Earth Charter Congress held during the last year at this university, this amounts to a new achievement for the Earth Charter and Education Group led by professors Alfonso Fernández  Herrería and Francisco Miguel Martínez Rodríguez. 

“The framework that gives meaning, content, and consistency to the proposed program is the Earth Charter…”

Please see the program in Spanish here.